January 26th, 2005



I was kind of planning to hit the sack before now, but I really wanted to finish this past Sunday's "Boston Legal" first. Not counting the twenty minute pause while I was upstairs a little while ago working on the sausage and sauce for tomorrow night's lasagna, I watched the show in three chunks. Yesterday morning on the bike for a little while, this morning on the bike for a bit longer, and then tonight.

Best episode yet.

Candice Bergen's arrival two weeks ago impressed me; she's a fantastic foil for both Shatner's character and Spader's, and her pacing fits right in. Betty White's arrival last week, on the other hand, shocked and delighted me! She was the solution when Spader's character asked for a female assistant who wouldn't mind his penchant for sexual harassment. If she's sticking around, too, I'll be really pleased. (Best scene with her this week was when she was standing right next to Candice Bergen; "I make you look almost young.")

The show is funny and irreverent, but treated this episode's serious topics with some gravity along with the levity. The closing scene between Spader and Shatner allowed both to really shine. I think I've said before that I've always liked William Shatner, but was glad to see him doing something new and innovative, and that I've never liked James Spader but thought he was outstanding in this role. The two of them work phenomenally well together.

I know I'm expected to like "Boston Legal" for its hot women, and sure, I appreciate that. (I also think Rhona Mitra especially is a great actor, though Monica Potter is shaky. And I suspect Mark Valley is meant to appeal to female viewers the same way, and again, I think he's shaky.) But give me David E. Kelley's crisp writing, Shatner and Spader's spot-on performances, and such perfect support from Rene Auberjonois and Candice Bergen and company, and I'll stay happy.

Dear charities...

Dear charitable organizations...

A "gift" that consists of a sheet of adhesive "address stickers" on which you have misspelled my name and shortened my address, such that I will never use the stickers, will not tempt me to send you money.

I'm just tossing this stuff in the recycling, though it's tempting to whip out my red pen and send the stuff back in their post-paid envelopes with corrections. And a buck to make up for costing them postage. :-\