April 14th, 2005



I'm not positive, but I think that's the first time I've ever crossed paths with anyone else, never mind two other people, going up or down the corner stairwell between the 2nd floor and the basement!

The sky has some clouds in it for the first time in four days, though certainly not many clouds. It's still mostly sunny, though it's still quite chilly. I've really been enjoying the weather! One advantage of it tonight is that I hope to spend some time cleaning out my car. Even though I have a garage, it's nice to have decent weather for the process.

The weather inside isn't so good, though. It's approaching 80 in our office already. In theory they ran the HVAC overnight to bring the temperature down, but it didn't last long. The system is off during the day, through tomorrow, because of roof work next door that was sending noxious fumes into our building through the roof vents.

Mm, lunch

What a nice surprise! Someone provided lunch at the conference-call/presentation gathering I'm attending from 11:30-1:30. There was no warning of this, so I'd figured I'd have to find a sandwich before the 2pm meeting that's also near here.

There wasn't really enough food for all of the attendees, but enough that I got a sandwich even though I was second to last in line. There was one roll left; a couple of people before me and the one after me each got one slice of bread, so I'm glad they weren't into rolls. There were cold cuts and tuna salad and macaroni salad; I'm guessing any vegetarians present (I see at least one in the room) were less satisfied than me.

This is definitely better than sitting in the office, which was reaching 80 degrees when I left.

Car-friendly GPS?

Anyone have a portable car-friendly GPS navigation gizmo that I could borrow for a weekend or two? I'd like to get a little experience with a couple of the car navigation units before deciding which one to buy, since they're pretty expensive, and pretty different in capabilities!

I thought about getting a car with a built-in navigation system, but those are really expensive, and aren't portable. I like the idea of pulling a portable unit out of my car and tossing it in my luggage when I go on a trip. Riding and driving with gregtrotter and talesofthecow on various trips last year with their Garmin was fun!