May 11th, 2005


Coffee would be good

I've been here for almost two hours, I guess. Got a call at almost 11 last night asking if I'd fill in for the guy who's filling in on the morning DJ shifts this week, so I went to bed around 12 and got up around 5.

Jeff's got a stash of coffee and filters around here somewhere, but I really don't feel comfortable digging for them; they're his. I'll just have to hope there's a fresh pot of something drinkable when I get to the office around 10! Also, something resembling food. An egg salad sandwich from the vending machine would probably be perfect.

Going to resist the temptation to go to the Lincoln Street Diner for breakfast. If I were doing a last-minute morning sports or news shift, I'd be done at about quarter to nine, and taking the time then would be more plausible, but the DJ is on 6-10!