May 25th, 2005


"Keep your fork, Prince. There's pie!"

We had three newcomers at last night's well-attended Meetup... jccohen (new just to Willow), plus zimarra and Mindy (whose LJ username I don't know). Believe it or not, she was the first of two Mindys I met last night... which is especially odd considering that the only two Mindys I've ever known before, I've never actually met in person! I was really glad these two came and seemed to have fun.

Joy and John and I had further plans involving Hot Truck subs, but we weren't quite ready for that. After a couple of hours at Willow, we moseyed on to [info]Felicia's Atomic Lounge. First, though, we called John's friend Jenn, who's graduating this weekend. She met us down there, and the others had drinks while I had a slice of Amelia's marvelous three-berry pie.

On the way out, I said hi to Megan-Mack, who'd come in and was sitting near the end of the bar, and introduced her and Joy. She leapt up and gave me a tight hug and tried to hide the bandage on her forehead; she's being silly and not taking the prescribed painkillers, but at least she's willing to have a drink or two. I bought her one when I paid for my pie.

From there, more beer seemed to be the consensus, and Jenn lives near and likes the Chapter House, so we went there. That's where I met the other Mindy, who grabbed my arm while we were talking about which beers to get, and dragged me over to the bar. She was buying a round of Irish Car Bombs for everyone in reach, and I guess she figured I could use one! She pressed the two glasses into my hands, and those of a few other folks, and we drank. The Black Heart Stout I'd chosen lasted a lot longer. :-) We then dropped Jenn at home and headed up the hill, where we watched a "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" and a "Simpsons" before going to bed.

John was showering when I left this morning, and he's probably off to Syracuse by now for a stop at Dinosaur BBQ and then his flight home.

I 'ean

Someone I was in a meeting with yesterday afternoon kept saying "I 'ean" (short for "I mean") as filler, the way lots of people use "like" or "y'know" or "um." The lack of "m" was amusing; it probably reflects the fact that the words are no longer carrying any actual meaning.

Lunchtime meeting on campus today. I left a bit early so I could get a hot dog at the hot dog stand in front of Day Hall, but it wasn't there! I did see guinness_duck on that corner, though. (Hey, I recognize that blindingly blue truck!) I wonder if the Redbud Woods protesters chased the hot dog stand away; it had been there a couple of weeks ago.

So I walked into the Big Red Barn. It looked dark, but was in fact open, and I grabbed one of the pre-made sandwiches from the cooler. My "Cobb Sandwich" turned out to be a really delicious lunch! It was chicken salad, bacon, and crumbled bleu cheese on a multigrain sub roll, with lettuce and tomato.