June 21st, 2005



I can sympathize with glithander.... we somehow forgot to arrange for mid-afternoon coffee at the conference! There are really good cookies, and lemonade and iced tea, but no coffee for the attendees. Happily, the little Bear Necessities convenience store downstairs has fresh (more or less) "Seattle's Best" coffee for sale. I grabbed a cup down there.

Passable, if uninspiring, breakfast and lunch upstairs. They're obviously not in full operation mode; most of the food stations are closed, so the selections are very limited, especially compared with the dinner I had with dyanearden a couple of months ago at the other north campus dining hall. There was a little of everything that night!

Tonight there's an off-site picnic that they're busing us to. Nice to have a couple of days without having to pay for food.

Right now I'm sitting in a Dell/Microsoft presentation; it's the first time all day the vendor presentation track room is nearly empty. It was SRO for the Apple presentation this morning. Not too surprising that campus lab management makes for a very Mac-heavy audience.
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Stealth marketing?

Apple knows that their developer preview software leaks out. Given that they know this, and the developer preview release of Mac OS X for Intel hardware runs on pretty standard Pentium 4 computers (the developer kit is a pretty vanilla Intel motherboard with a common video card, in a Power Mac G5 case), can we assume that they expect or even want Wintel owners to snag a copy of Mac OS X, complete with the full set of iLife applications (iMovie, iDVD, etc.) and start playing?

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Luck of the draw

One of the people I was pleased to see at the conference is Microsoft's vendor rep, though he used to work for Apple. The first thing I noticed was that he'd lost a lot of weight. We got to chat during lunch, before I actually went upstairs to get some food, and it turns out that not long after he left Apple, he was diagnosed with cancer.

"It's smoker's cancer, and I've never smoked," he added. Apparently Joe made all the doctors scratch their head, since he's never been a smoker or a heavy drinker, and yet he developed tongue and throat cancer. The treatments last year made him stop eating, so he was being fed by a tube, and he lost about 80 pounds. He was out of work for about six months, but has gotten back into the swing of things and is pretty well recovered from the treatments.

He's "cured," though he knows the cancer could come back at any time. Interestingly, he used to walk with a cane, but doesn't seem to be doing that any more. I didn't ask.