June 26th, 2005


No matter how fast your network is...

Copying about 7.4 GB of photos from laptop to desktop computer via wireless? Estimated time 5 hours.

Via wired Ethernet? Estimated time 3 hours.

Via Firewire? Estimated time 17 minutes.

Sometimes there's nothing like a direct high-speed machine-to-machine link to get the job done.

I've been carrying around my digital photo library on my laptop for about five years (OK, it's no longer the same laptop, but the data has moved from machine to machine) and while it's often nice to refer to many of the photos, show them to people, or use them for one thing or another, it's just gotten to be too much to keep carrying around. My hard drive space is too limited, and I've been reluctant to invest in a bigger hard drive for my laptop until they get much bigger. Replacing a 60 GB drive with an 80 GB drive seems pointless, and the 100 GB drives were too expensive last I looked. No doubt by now there are 120 GB laptop drives, and maybe 100 is affordable.

So now my photo library will live on my home desktop. I'll be able to get to it from elsewhere as long as I have a fast Internet connection, so that'll do. I'll keep on the laptop some of the stuff I tend to refer to or show off frequently, but otherwise all but this year's collection is moving.

And my cable Internet connection keeps going down for a few minutes and then coming back. Really annoying. I suspect the weather; I may have borderline equipment or lines, and since one of the storms a few weeks ago, it's done this periodically. Happened for a while last summer, too, but I rearranged the wires in the garage and detached unnecessary splitters and such and it seemed to stop. Maybe it was just the weather all along?

Server migrated!

This has taken way too long, but I've finally gotten our web server migrated to a new computer. The old one has been a bit flaky lately, and the hard drive was too full to allow for new content.

I'd already remotely moved most of the content over, but needed to copy the software, clean up some settings, and then copy any recently changed web files. I think I've gotten everything. :-) I've done some spot-checking, and will do more tonight.

The old server is still there and still connected, but with a different IP address so I can grab stuff from it if need be.
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