July 27th, 2005


14850.com mail problem?

Hard to tell what the problem is, since the server appears to be letting you check and send mail. But mail doesn't seem to be reaching us. I've informed the server admin (or at least his voicemail) and hope it will be fully functional again soon. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Mail server workaround

Mike suspects the SpamAssassin portion of his mail server software is what's currently having problems, so he's (at least temporarily) taken that out of the process. Mail does seem to be getting delivered at this time.

Unfortunately, any mail you sent overnight or this morning may have been lost. (You should have gotten a bounce message, but those have become essentially useless thanks to the dozens to thousands of bounce messages most of us get due to forged virus and spam e-mails, and of course it's possible that the bounces bounced.)

Also, any mail sent to you overnight or this morning may have been lost. (Again, the sender should have gotten a bounce message, but they may never notice it, or the bounce could have bounced, and you won't know they tried to reach you. Automated senders in particular will probably never know that their mail didn't reach you, and list servers such as yahoogroups.com will probably decide you no longer exist, and unsubscribe you.)

If you sent any messages, it wouldn't be a bad idea to resend them just in case. If you were expecting anything, it couldn't hurt to ask the sender to resend. If you're subscribed to any mailing lists, I'd suggest checking your subscription status.

We regret the inconvenience.

Missing Philadelphia mom...

Latoyia Figueroa, a 24-year-old mother who's five months pregnant, has been missing for several days. CNN has just started covering the story after a Philadelphia blogger started pushing the story.

If you can contribute to the reward (via the tip jar links at the top right of the blog page) or, even better, can offer any information that could lead to Latoyia's return, please do! Meantime, please help spread the word.


(P.S. I've put this picture of Latoyia on my server so as not to hammer ASZ unnecessarily. Please feel free to use my server instead of his in your own posts.)