August 1st, 2005


Work lunch

Pat scheduled a wrap-up meeting for the core group of organizers for June's LabMan conference for today, and decided he should take us all to lunch. I suggested [info]Olivia, and everyone seemed happy with that selection!

We split the braised chicken spring rolls, shrimp skewers, smoked mushroom dumplings, baked brie, and polenta sticks (which reminded me of Q's fried grits appetizer from the early days), and then each had a sandwich or entree.

I was actually stunned at how skimpy my "chicken & goat" entree was. It was one little piece of boneless chicken, on a small plate similar to the appetizer plates. Delicious, as I knew it would be, but wholly inadequate. No greens or fries, as included with the salmon dish and sandwiches everyone else got. I didn't expect the $11 lunch version to be as big as the $15 dinner version, but there should have been more. The $10 O Burger (don't get me started) and $11 steak sandwich came with fries or greens, and those looked like plentiful portions! The salmon came with greens and diced beets, and looked like a generous serving. My chicken had caramelized onions and a little braised endive, but those didn't qualify as a side dish.

I virtually never order dessert when I eat out, but since I was nowhere near full, I got to try the vanilla-hibiscus cheesecake. Delicious!

We even got some work done; we reviewed three applicants to host next year's LabMan conference. Interesting tradition... each year's group picks the next year's host.
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