August 28th, 2005


Good luck, New Orleans!

Just learned that the Mayor of New Orleans has ordered a mandatory evacuation as a category-five hurricane, Katrina, bears down. I'll be thinking of all of my friends down there! (Marrus, might as well just head for Atlanta now! :-\)

What a concept... I-10 has been set up so all of the lanes head away from the city. I hope no one is trying to get down there to pick someone up or whatever. Detours must be clogged.

(I'm drinking from my Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop go cup in your honour!)


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These neatly arranged pairs of shoes, climbing the steps outside Alex and Eric's apartment, amused me when I visited a couple of weeks ago, so I took a picture of them. I'm actually uploading a whole bunch of random pictures to my Flickr photostream today, having cleared a lot of old stuff off my camera's memory card.

One's safe

Very glad to hear from John tonight that he made it out of New Orleans, and he's safe in Beaumont. Hoping to hear that Marsi and family are well. (Anyone got a cell number for her or have any info?) No doubt Marrus and Jay and Vanessa and Karen and Bartlett have all headed elsewhere. I'm sure I'll get the story from Marrus next weekend!
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