September 7th, 2005



The air system at work has been down since Friday morning, meaning not even ventilation, much less air conditioning. I forgot to bring in a spare fan this morning, but just as I was contemplating finding someplace else to get my work done for the afternoon, the fans started up again. It's just dipped back below 80 degrees, and the fact that the air is no longer still helps quite a bit.

Most of the building wasn't too bad, but we're in the center of the basement. Even with reasonably temperate air in the hallways outside, and with both doors propped open, it was getting unpleasant in here. If it's going to be in the 80s, I want to be sitting in shorts and sunglasses and holding a mojito.


Thanks to jccohen for pointing out to me an Ithaca Journal article that says US Airways will resume one flight a day each direction between Ithaca and Pittsburgh. That'll make a lot more sense for travel out west in general, and ought to help as they start to incorporate America West's routes this fall.

They're starting on November 9th, though I have no idea when I'll next be flying. The article says that they'll see how the route does; maybe they'll add more flights, or change from the Dash-8 turboprops to jets. The jets on some of the ITH-PHL flights are great! I wonder how often they fill up a whole CRJ, though. Probably not too often.

Already looking forward to my next Oyster House visit. :-D