September 28th, 2005


Sorry for the short notice...

I've been scratching my head over this deal, but it seems to be every bit as good a deal as it was at first glance. Buy $100 worth of Dockers men's clothing and accessories through tomorrow, September 28th, and you'll get a free 40-hour TiVo and three months of free service.

Fulfillment will take a while (8-10 weeks) but hey, free TiVo. I wear Dockers stuff anyway... so I just ordered some stuff I would've bought over the next several months anyway, plus a shirt I probably wouldn't have sprung for but looks good.

Want a free TiVo, and you need some Dockers anyway? Or know someone who likes Dockers and you figure you might as well get some holiday gift shopping out of the way? Check out that link... but don't dawdle! The deal only lasts through September 28th. (Offer form has to be mailed by October 12th.)

If you do get one, I know some folks who'd be grateful if you use their e-mail address to tell TiVo who referred you when you register your unit! Ask me and I'll give you the e-mail addresses to use.