October 9th, 2005


What was ABC thinking!?

Maybe I chose wrong... but WABC must've decided the Texas-OU game was too far gone late in the third, and switched over to the tie-score Minnesota vs Michigan game. I wonder if KABC did the same; that was my other choice for recording that game.

Nonetheless, notthistimefool and underwear_gnome and I had a good time with good tortilla chips (the lime-tinged variety), excellent salsa (green and red), homemade margaritas (reposado tequila plus fresh-squeezed lime and orange juice), then at halftime, duck quesadillas... with the leftover roast duck chopped up. Angela and Eric sure know how to do a ball game.

Started off with a breakfast of fresh scrambled eggs, with homegrown red pepper cut in, thick cut bacon, 12-grain toast, and good coffee, with seity1. A couple of hours in the middle of the day went to an Accord command staff meeting, but other than that, I feel like I managed to pull off a nice relaxed, lazy Sunday. it feels good. Yesterday wasn't bad, either, with an excellent Wallace & Gromit movie, quick trip to Ithaca Beer, and monthly Accord meeting. The beer-n-burn would've been better had I been able to breathe.

When I was talking about how Joss Whedon's new movie, Serenity, worked well as a stand-alone film even for those who hadn't seen the original "Firefly" series, I wasn't just talking. I'd never seen any of "Firefly." I've now watched a couple of episodes, and damn.

I'll start tomorrow with a meeting on campus, then a couple of pretty typical days ahead of me.