November 12th, 2005



Cornell pulled out a win last night, after giving up the first goal and trailing again later in the game. Harvard led 3-2 with just over five minutes left to play, but a pair of goals, the game-winner from Topher Scott, gave Cornell a 4-3 lead with just 2:41 left. The Crimson weren't able to come back, despite lots of strong effort. Needless to say, the heavily Cornell-leaning crowd was delighted!

We got to see not only Kendra but her brother Nathaniel, as well. He's been living in Boston and doing IT work for Harvard's business school. In theory, he plans to move on, and find a new Peace Corps or comparable posting, but he just met a nice young lady in the area, so he may not be in as much of a rush to leave after all. Also got to catch up with Pankaj, one of my fraternity brothers I rarely see, who happened to be in town for a couple of days for an interview, and joined us for dinner, game, and dessert.

willdevine and I are finished with breakfast and showers in the hotel, everyone else has checked out, and we're contemplating our next move. We may head up to Dartmouth early, since I haven't been there in years and would love to check it out in daylight. I may also try to find a new iTrip, after discovering yesterday, to my dismay, that the iTrip I got with my fourth-generation iPod doesn't work on the new one. The power connector is missing!

Since driving all the way back from Hanover to Ithaca after the game tonight would be crazy, we're probably going to end up looking for someplace to stay near Albany. But Age and Eva may want to split a room, and then head to his parents' place in Cambridge, NY tomorrow. There may not be a sane place to do that. We'll see. They may also end up being able to stay at his parents' place, in which case Will and I are on our own.

Quinnipiac, which just joined the ECAC hockey league this year, is the only ECAC school I've never been to. I'll probably get to visit them this winter!
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