November 13th, 2005


Saturday night

Cornell wasn't up to the battle on Saturday in Hanover, and handed Dartmouth its first win of the season in fairly dramatic fashion. The Big Green scored first, then Corrnell answered on the power play, but the rest of the scoring was all Dartmouth. By the end of the second period, it was 6-1 Dartmouth, and there it stayed.

Louis Chabot came in to relieve Cornell netminder Dave McKee partway into the second, after McKee had let five by, and allowed only one goal himself. Chabot looked very good in the net, and had a few particularly impressive saves.

The Big Red managed to drum up lots of energy in the third, but couldn't manage to score again. It wasn't all that fun a drive across Vermont and to Saratoga Springs, where we spent the night in a Fairfield Inn. Back to Ithaca shortly, after the included continental breakfast.

I did enjoy my first visit to Hanover, New Hampshire in years; the weather was good, if cold, and Dartmouth's is a beautiful campus. We found some good pre-game food at "Everything But Anchovies," a pizza place that, alarmingly, happens to have anchovies.

willdevine and I lunched at Redbones before heading northwest, with a nice healthy (about a mile) walk from our hotel to Redbones and back. We stopped briefly at one of the state liquor stores right on the highway in NH, too.

Spotted in the nightstand drawer...

The HoneyWord BiblePlaced here by

It starts out with a list of "books of the Bible and their sound-alike animal names," such as "Genny the Jellyfish, Elks-odus, Levi the Lamb, Num-Bee, Doodlebug-eronomy, Sam Mule the 2nd, Captain Kingaroo the 1st, Nehemiah the Butterfly-ah, Matt the Mouse, Luke the Lion, Ele-phesians...

"In the beginning, God's call got the ball rolling. Did you know that a very long time ago nothing was around except God? Then, when God decided the time was just right, he created everything."

I kid you not.
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