November 27th, 2005


No venison tonight...

Thank goodness for great high-beams, great breaks, and great reflexes! We missed a deer on Route 89 on the way back from the hockey game in Rochester, but not by much.

Excellent hockey weekend, complete with fun guests. Cornell and Niagara once again proved they're very well matched, and put on a good show together. Cornell won 5-4 last night at Lynah Rink, and 5-3 tonight at the Blue Cross Arena -- quite a close game, but they got an empty-netter right at the end. Tonight's officiating wasn't nearly as bad as last night's. A few stupid calls each way, but nothing nearly as spectacularly idiotic as last night's bogus icing call with several seconds left in the third, eliminating any chance that Niagara could conceivably have come back to tie it up.

Time for some rest now... more later. :-)