December 16th, 2005


Stay off the roads...

If you're in Central New York, and probably a large swath to the east and west of us as well, stay off the roads if you don't absolutely have to go somewhere. If you do have to, allow plenty of time and take it slow.

The sleet, freezing rain, and snow last night and overnight have made for very treacherous road conditions. Nearly all the area school districts are closed (a few have just delayed opening) and the Ithaca Police Department has asked motorists not to travel in downtown Ithaca this morning because it's "too hazardous."

* Ithaca Area Closings & Cancellations
* Story about Ithaca Police warning

Sometimes I get to go back to sleep when there are just a couple of closings. Ain't gonna happen today! I've been updating the list every 2-3 minutes since Dan woke me at 6:01.
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Road conditions...

Apparently a lot of roads in the county really are that bad. Vehicles were not making it up the Route 96 hill towards the hospital, and trucks getting stuck were of course blocking others.

A lot of roads haven't been plowed yet (the town just came through and plowed my side of Park Lane for the first time this morning) and George, my plow guy, says it's slow going in some areas.
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Patching soles?

Is there a reasonable way to patch cracks in shoe soles? Can I fill the cracks with rubber cement or some other similar sealant? Or should I just get the shoes resoled or replaced? A crack in the sole that lets in all the rain or slush is almost always the first sign of serious wear in my shoes, and it's such a waste to ditch them when they're otherwise in good shape! (No wonder my feet felt damp on the way home last night.)
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20 years...

When I first took a CPR course in 1985, it was somewhat different than today's; I actually was also certified for infant and child CPR in addition to adult CPR, which is all we're doing at work, so all I've been certified for in ages.

The American Red Cross has a five-year cycle of evaluating and updating the course, and apparently the 2005 evaluation is resulting in a number of changes to the course that will be implemented around April. The instructor had commented that we can actually "challenge" before our certifications expire, just taking a skills test and written test, to renew, but if the course is going to change significantly by next fall, I'll probably want to take the full course again.

Interestingly, today's instructor is a CHFD EMT rather than the usual American Red Cross dedicated trainer. I don't think I've seen him before, but I'll keep an eye out for him when I'm over at the fire station for meetings.

My hands smell of latex glove. :-P And I'm tired, after getting to sleep around 2 last night and getting up at 6 this morning.

John Spencer died of a heart attack today

John Spencer, whose acting I fell in love with as Tommy in "L.A. Law," died today of a heart attack. For the last several years he's been playing Leo McGarry, former White House chief of staff, on "The West Wing." Ironically, Leo had a heart attack last season, which sidelined him as chief of staff, but left him available to be Jimmy Smits's character's running mate in this season's campaign storyline.

Theresa, one of the folks who comes weekly to watch "The West Wing" at my place, called me from her mom's place in Pennsylvania to share the sad news! I would have found out sooner or later, as several of you have already posted about it.

I can only imagine "Leo" will die of a heart attack after they use up the episodes they now have in the can, and someone else will be appointed vice president. Not sure whether they have already shot the election night episode.

He was in loads of other roles, as well... odds are you've seen him.

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Bought a washer...

For those of you who've been waiting with bated breath, I bought a washer tonight. It's in my jacket pocket! Well, technically, in my jacket pocket is the sheaf of paper that says I own it, and they're going to show up and hook it up on Thursday.

That LG I wanted is on sale this week, then $50 rebate, then free installation up to $50 via rebate, then free gift card. I decided that worked. :-) The maintenance plan that turns the one-year warranty into five seemed a good investment, especially since the way it works, with no official LG service in town, for that first year, if the washer needs fixing, they just show up and replace it. Once it's out of the one-year manufacturer's warranty, they have a deal with a local repair shop that does out-of-warranty repairs... but they pay for it during the maintenance plan.

My poor dryer has had to work extra hard to dry the sopping-wet clothes coming out of my old washer, with its non-existent spin cycle. It should be happy to get the spun-like-crazy nearly-dry clothes that'll come out of the new front-loader in a few days!