January 22nd, 2006


Four-point weekend!

Tonight's 4-2 win over the Clarkson Golden Knights was nowhere near as clear-cut a victory as last night's 5-2 win over St. Lawrence's Saints, but a pair of wins is a pair of wins. Especially after last week's crushing loss at Princeton, the Big Red needed a successful homecoming as they head into the home stretch of the season... a pair of games every weekend until the end.

Before the game was the Cornell alumni association's annual Sports Night, featuring dinner in between the home basketball game and home hockey game. [info]Ralph's Ribs catered the meal, after several years in a row of Hal's Deli doing a so-so job but being pushy about continuing the tradition. Last year's was so bad that we didn't even consider letting them try again. Ralph's did an exceptional job, and provided loads of wonderful food, including a big salad loaded with veggies that made the sole vegan attendee very happy. The attendees, ranging in age from about 10 to about 80, all seemed to be delighted with the food.

They brought half again as much ribs and chicken as we ordered and paid for, so there was a lot left over. We asked the custodians who'd come to clean up after the event if they were hungry, and encouraged them to go get more building staff. We ended up leaving them quite a bit of food; I took a half-pan (full of assorted goodies) home myself. Our guest speaker, the basketball coach, wasn't in that great a mood after his team blew an 11-point lead to lose to Columbia, but he was gracious and well-received. Overall, I'm very happy with how the event went, but after this week's messy RSVP nonsense, I'm disinclined to run it again myself.

Several of us went to [info]Maxie's after the game, which was a nice treat. Turns out that 10pm on a Saturday is a good time to go there. It's not a zoo!

I've got a load of laundry finishing in the dryer, and octanez (who's in town for the weekend) and I are watching some Trek.
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Nice morning!

OK, so it hasn't been morning in a while. But Joy and her dad came over a while ago after church, and we all had breakfast. I cooked up one of the pounds of thick-cut fresh bacon from roosterhillfarm, which was just delicious, made some eggs, and Joy took the last couple of small potatoes left from the bag I got from Mo (need more, I guess) and supplemented the remaining potatoes au gratin from last week. With all that plus some toast and preserves, we did very well.

Got lots of laundry done yesterday, as well as some shopping at Best Buy (I thought I was just going for a single pair of 2-for-$20 DVDs...), and now I'm going outside to take a walk in the gorgeous, sunny weather... before tonight's nasty weather hits.

octanez didn't stick around for breakfast, but he sure is a good houseguest! He brought a bottle of Maker's Mark last night as a thank-you, along with a nice card that both he and Amy signed. After he said goodbye and hit the road this morning, I discovered he'd stripped all the linens off his bed and left them on top of the washing machine, too. He's welcome back any time. :-)
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Six Mile Creek

So nice out!

OK, so it's not lush and green, but the weather is absolutely beautiful for a mid-winter afternoon. I guess it's actually right around freezing, but the sunshine made it comfortable in my fleece rather than even my lightweight leather jacket. I even pulled out my old hiking boots for the first time in ages, in case parts of the trail were muddy.

Just walked all the way down the length of the new trail for the first time. They finished it in the fall, so really the only other chance I've had to walk it was with one of the dogs who spent the weekend with me a couple of months ago. There's one portion that's a mildly steep uphill, but it doesn't last very long and isn't really that steep. And, for the most part, the gravel surface is intact, so there are very few muddy areas.

From the back of the gravel lot where the trail lets out next to Snyder Hill Road, I saw one of the horses at the barn across the street had come to the corner of the fenced-in yard and was staring, so I went over to say hi. Before long the other horse came over, and we all had a nice chat for several minutes.

Lots of other folks had the same idea; ran into a couple walking a two-kid stroller, a family with a black lab and a terrier, and a couple of ladies out with their pair of dachshunds... one happy to make new acquaintances, and one not. :-)

Between last night's Sports Night dinner, this morning's breakfast, and the afternoon walk, I definitely feel like I've earned whatever couch-potatodom I apply to the rest of the day!
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Even better than S-Video

One of the things I bought at Best Buy yesterday was a set of component video cables. A conversation with Age last week had led me to check the back of my five-year-old TV to confirm my vague thought that it had component video jacks... three separate connectors for red, green, and blue. Since the new Humax TiVo DVD recorder I got last year has component video out, the component cables seemed worth trying.

Took a few minutes to muscle the tight, gold Monster connectors onto the long-unused jacks on the back of the TV just now, but I now have an even sharper picture on my TV. Noticeable on my digital satellite TV picture, and should be even better for well-produced DVDs... of which I added several to my collection yesterday!
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Cartoon Mark
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After playing around with making a cartoon version of herself, Amy made a cartoon version of me. I'm not sure it actually bears any resemblance to me, but it's equipped with shades, Birkenstocks, and polo shirt. :-)