January 23rd, 2006


New Cornell president at Lynah

Skorton & Moulson
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Thanks to keeyoo for reminding me that I meant to post this photo I took before Saturday evening's hockey game. I thought bringing Dr. Skorton, the newly announced Cornell president, and his wife onto the ice before the game to introduce them was a masterstroke!

I wish someone had noticed that there was a Cornell Alumni Association event going on right upstairs when he was paraded into the employee day dinner, because that would have been an obvious additional stop on his tour, but such is life.


Congrats to triola and moobycow (Joan and Ricky, whom many of you have met at Watkins Glen Weekend or other events) on the birth this morning of their son Carlos! Ricky's making a round of phone calls to those who requested one, and he says both mom and baby are doing great. He hardly got any sleep last night (not surprisingly, given this morning's scheduled delivery), and Joan is tired but not yet feeling the discomfort the doctor says to expect later. :-)

"Carlito" is a big kid already, weighing in over 10 pounds and measuring 21 inches. Congrats and best of luck to all!