March 22nd, 2006



I was just asked to be the PA announcer for Cornell's Commencement this Memorial Day weekend. The guy who's been doing it for years will not be available, and I was one of the people that came to Joe Lalley's mind. I've known Joe for years; he works in Facilities, knows I've got a radio background, and is essentially the guy who coordinates everything that happens at Commencement other than the academic stuff. (Connie Mabry is in charge of the whole weekend and everything leading up to it.)

Have to think about it. It could be a lot of fun, but it also means getting up crazy early on a Sunday morning and sitting there for about five hours... and speaking in front of an audience of thousands of people I can see.

Post-It Notes

Post-It Notes
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I honestly have no recollection what these are all about. I'm sure both are times, but for what? Actually, I think 4:27 was when Doug said he was going to stop by one afternoon last week to pick up some software discs.

They've both gone in the recycling bin now. But not the Tazo Wild Sweet Orange teabag you can see below the monitor. That stays!