March 31st, 2006


Still hungry...

Had some oatmeal, but I'm still hungry. I woke up very hungry this morning after a reasonable night's sleep following guinness_duck's birthday get-together at Pixel. Must be because the dream, parts of which I still recall clearly, didn't involve any actual food! I do remember navigating through the back of a deli to the men's room, so you'd think I would take the opportunity for a sandwich. I'll remedy that at the Commons Deli on the way to a downtown meeting at lunchtime today.

Speaking of downtown, I'll also take the opportunity to fill up the tank before tomorrow's drive to Rochester for seity1's hockey tournament. The price at the Citgo between home and work leapt another 8 cents a gallon to $2.739 for regular since yesterday, and the sole remaining downtown station (there used to be a couple more) is usually among the cheapest in town.

Also remembered from last night's dream... kinnerc running alongside a bus heading up Uptown Road, with a helicopter visible in the distance. Was that the last bus back to Groton or something, Doc? :-)
Six Mile Creek

Summer mood in the basement...

After I got back from today's lunch I swapped my shoes and socks for my Birkenstocks, which I'd brought along this morning in case it got warm enough today. My feet are definitely happier.

At some point I'll get out of the office and enjoy a little bit of remaining sunshine, but not just yet.