May 19th, 2006



Nope, not my flight. But I arrived in Philadelphia before the previous flight to Greensboro had left. They gave me a seat on that one, but luckily, left me booked on my original flight. They just cancelled the earlier flight, and are now trying to rebook people on the 9:40 flight. They aren't all going to fit.

Apparently, this half of PHL was shut down for an hour, and everything is a mess.
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Steak Dinner Willow

Tired and stuffed

I'm exhausted, after a long day of travel and then running around, but I'm also stuffed following an excellent dinner at Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery. It's one of Les's favourites (I'm in NC for his wedding) and between him and Heather (his bride-to-be), it wasn't tough to convince the rest of the post-rehearsal crew that that was the place to go.

The weather is spectacular down here... cool for North Carolina, so perfect for me... 70s, sunny, clear. I've had fun hanging out all day with Les, Heather, her daughter, her parents, and the handful of other friends and relatives who're coming into town.

I'm also really impressed with the High Point Courtyard... which is much snazzier, and in better shape, than any of the other Courtyards I've visited. (I've been in a bunch!) Lots of curved wood in the lobby, and lots of curved wood and other curved lines in the rooms, too.

The Liberty Steakhouse is like a nicer, Cajun-themed version of a Longhorn Steakhouse, a chain I consider to be a better version of an Outback. Keep in mind that I really like Outback, and you can get an idea of how impressed I was tonight. Imagine a cross between a Longhorn Steakhouse and [info]Maxie's Supper Club.
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