June 13th, 2006


What's my title?

Tammy just called because they're putting together some representative lists of people's working titles for tomorrow's ITMC event. Ron had told her that he and Aaron and Aaron were "Software Engineers," but that she should ask me for mine.

I told her I've never officially changed my title from "Senior Technical Consultant," but that I'd been batting around "Executive Supervising Bartender." She decided to go with that. :-)

Going camping...

Camping this weekend, and I could use it! I kinda meant to do some laundry tonight after finishing the mowing, but it was already after 8 and I hadn't had dinner yet. Never got around to the laundry, but I did enjoy some wonderful leftovers from last night's dinner with Staci at Simply Red. After I get some laundry done, I can get everything packed for camping.

But first, I think I'll have a gorgy... probably Wednesday or Thursday after work. Is either particularly good or bad for anyone who'd like to join me? (Welcome back, Dave! Extra olive for you!)

Got good news from a friend this afternoon that I'm looking forward to being able to share.
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