July 6th, 2006


Wow, that's tasty!

I've been getting lots done at work, and I just got up to go to the bathroom, but found Larry in the midst of cleaning it. (Larry says I'm one of the handful of people he ever sees. He'd never met the building coordinator until a week or so ago, even though they leave each other hilarious whiteboard notes almost every night/morning.)

"Uh-oh," he said, and I laughed and said I'd just go upstairs. I'm glad I did! On the way to the upstairs men's room, I spotted something on the "up for grabs" table in the 1st floor kitchen. It was a lemon poppyseeed Clif Bar. I was already getting hungry, so I grabbed it.

Damned if that's not the tastiest thing I've eaten all day! It's made with organic oats and soybeans, without any wheat or dairy, and it was like a big, sweet cookie. Popped over to their web site, and I'm intrigued. They believe in a lot of the same natural, whole foods concepts I believe in (though I know I don't live strictly by them) and they even have a good sense of humour. I've just set up clifbarblog to syndicate their blog here on LiveJournal, and I plan to seek out more of these things.

Aha. Looks like I can buy them at EMS, Greenstar, Ludgate's, Wegmans, Eckerd, and Rite-Aid right here in town, or buy them online. At $15 for a box of 12 bars, they're not as cheap as cookies, but they're not bad compared to other energy bars. Might make good road trip food... or even good quick breakfasts.

And, I'm now a lot less worried about the half a meal's worth of leftovers I have at home for tonight. :-)