July 12th, 2006


Dirty caffeine tricks...

Dear cow-orkers,

Kindly do not turn off the coffee machine in the kitchen in the middle of the day. Doing so will confuse the insufficiently caffeinated, who will see the green "ready" light glowing, put some fresh coffee in a filter and a clean pot under the basket, press "start," and walk away. When they return a few minutes later and find nothing has changed, instead of a full pot of fresh coffee, they will be both unhappy and perplexed.

Thank you for your kind attention,


Took me all day to read the article...

...but I finally finished.

One year to the day after he put a picture of a red paperclip on the web and offered to trade it for something bigger and better, with the goal of eventually trading up to a house, Kyle MacDonald is today taking possession of a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.



First thing he's going to do when he and his girlfriend move in is paint the house red.
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