July 23rd, 2006


A great Saturday evening

My original plan to get out to see marlokat in "1960s in Song and Word" in Hammondsport on Thursday didn't work out, so willdevine and I set out to catch that last night. We first tried and failed to go to Mi Casita on the way out of town, then ended up spotting Smok'n Bones in Burdett, and ate there. Good, but not spectacular, BBQ. Worth stopping at, but probably not worth the half hour drive just for itself.

From there, we proceeded to McGregor winery, since we had plenty of time before the 8pm show, and tasted a few things. I was disappointed that they're out of the Black Russian Red for tasting, and are down to very little of the latest vintage for sales. Hoping they have another release before I'm next there.

We also tried and failed to find the location of Marlo's show on our first attempt, since we followed the signs into the Pleasant Valley Winery towards the visitors center, which was utterly deserted. We headed back over to 54 to see if there was anything there, and stopped at the Pleasant Valley Inn. Even though I was pretty sure that wasn't where the show was, I thought they might know something. The guy we talked to by the bar said they'd had some folks who'd just eaten there before heading up to the show, so he knew it was at the winery. That gave me the confidence not to give up, which I'd been contemplating, and drive back up to the winery. As we got near it, we saw a bunch of cars parked at a building across the street from the winery that had had a sign saying something else... and the cars hadn't been visible from the other direction. Sure enough, we spotted a sign that looked like the flier Marlo had put on her web site, and parked to go inside. We'd been nice and early the first time around, but made it just in time for the show.

It was a fun show, and I'm glad we went! But I was also glad it wasn't too much longer. Not everyone in the company has Marlo's talent. :-) Also, it was very warm in there, and I was having trouble staying awake, other than during Marlo's parts of the show.

perisoft was also there, with his friend Mike, Marlo's sister Millicent, and her bridesmaid Tara, who I recognized from the wedding. We all went to the Village Tavern after the show to hang out, and I'm going to have to eat there properly sometime. Millicent's and Mike's food looked great, and my dessert was very good.

We made improbably good time on the way back to Ithaca, without my even speeding too much. The roads were nice and deserted.

Thinking about relaxing on the deck with a book and some lemonade for a bit.