August 7th, 2006


I love feathers...

Feathers make great, comfy, luxurious pillows, comforters, and mattress pads... but they also make me unable to breathe. I've gotten in the habit of asking hotels when I make reservations to provide non-feather bedding, and I'm used to arriving to find that that still hasn't been done. No problem; I realize most of the time a room is assigned at check-in, so doing in advance is impractical.

Last night when I checked into the Marriott, I asked them to take care of the feather bedding in the room (Marriotts have been replacing all their bedding with fancy "Revive" bedding, full of feathers), and before long, a guy from Housekeeping showed up with foam pillows and another comforter... but another one with feathers. He went away and came back with a very nice non-feather one.

So, I was quite surprised when I woke up this morning and could barely breathe. Apparently they also have fancy new feather mattress pads. :-\ On the way out through the lobby, I asked them at the front desk to deal with that.

Now waiting for the WWDC keynote address to start. Steve Jobs will no doubt be introducing some fun new hardware (I'm betting on a new high-end Intel-chip desktop Mac model, but that's a safe bet at this point), as well as the next version of Mac OS X, version 10.5, codenamed "Leopard."

Good coffee and scone to start the morning, along with milling around with a few thousand fellow Mac-heads, before they corralled us into the big room where the keynote will be. Already ran into Bog, and Steve Erde from Cornell Medical College, who I never get to see because they're in Manhattan. They're playing odd music in here. :-)
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Always have a low-tech contingency plan...

Following the keynote address, Apple gives a copy of a "developer preview release" of the next operating system version to everyone attending the conference. Each of our badges has a barcode so they can scan them and make sure none of us gets more than one copy.

I was quite amused that their fancy barcode scanner setup failed entirely, and after a few minutes of the lines getting longer as the people waiting to hand out discs couldn't do a thing, a guy ran in back and grabbed a stack of hole-punchers so they could instead punch the badges of each person they handed a Leopard disc set to. They obviously had them available for just that reason, and it showed good planning!

Some links to stuff announced this morning...

Joe (another TidBITS contributor) and I are back in my hotel room at the moment doing some writing; there's nothing either of us needs to be at until 2pm. Check out TidBITS later for all the news!