August 10th, 2006


Incoming mail delays

There may be delays on incoming mail to users today due to a problem on one of the servers involved in the process. Mike tells me he's investigating. Mail shouldn't get lost; it'll all reach users when the problem is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The San Francisco Twins

I forgot to mention that last night's dinner was made even more special when we realized that the Brown Twins, Vivian and Marian Brown, were also dining at the Tadich Grill last night. They're minor local celebrities, and were among the sets of twins who appeared in the Doublemint commercials of the '80s and '90s.

Our waiter told us they dine at the restaurant every Wednesday night. They were wearing identical fur jackets (yes, in August!), and attractive hats, and were chatting amiably with those who recognized them and said hi, on their way out.

Traveling this weekend

A number of people have asked me if I'm aware of this morning's announcement of a foiled terrorist plot, and the new restrictions for aviation passengers. I woke up to the radio talking about delays at SFO, and advising people to arrive at least two hours before a flight, and before long I'd figured out what was up.

My guess is the restrictions announced this morning are very temporary (especially the ones for travelers heading from the UK to the US, who aren't even being allowed a handbag or any electronic items) but will probably still be in force on Saturday, when I'm flying home.

So, I've been mentally going over what shuffling I'll need to do in my luggage. Obviously I'll toss my tiny Swiss Army knife in the suitcase I'm checking, which I always do. But I'll have to do the same with the small hand lotion that's always in my laptop bag, and probably even the ChapStick that's always in my pocket. I won't bring aboard the water bottle that I'd normally take along, and I'll hope the airline is equipped to hand me a water bottle pretty quickly once I get on board. I'll make sure all my flasks are in my checked luggage, too.

Not being able to take aboard my hand lotion and water will be a minor inconvenience and is understandable, under the circumstances. I just hope the delays at the airports don't keep me from getting home Saturday night.