August 23rd, 2006


La Bella Fgura

Red lights are optional. And you absolutely don't order a cappuccino after 10am. Those are among the lessons in a new book, La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind. Thanks to my father for pointing out the review in today's New York Times.

I'd heard of this guy when he wrote Ciao, America! but have yet to read his work. Sounds fun!
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From the Associated Press... Review: Mac Pro beats Dell on Price.

The difference in price -- and that it was in Apple's favor -- was so surprising that I contacted Dell to confirm that I had not made a mistake in configuring its workstation.

Dell spokesman Marco Pena suggested that the numbers might be closer after configuring the Mac to include a three-year warranty similar to the Dell offering. "But I think we're still going to end up a little higher than the Mac," he said.

Not so surprising, I guess. I haven't looked lately at high-end Dell desktops, but I know my MacBook was cheaper than the comparable Dell laptops (the hardware is almost identical, actually, now that everyone's using Intel Core Duo chips), and hey, it runs Windows.