September 1st, 2006


Food thoughts

(Mark, thinking about food? Never!)

Last night I made a thorough supermarket run on the way home from work. First serious shopping trip since my trips at the beginning of August, though I'd picked up a couple of things here and there as needed. But I was low on some supplies (especially cashews, which I'll need this weekend). Also needed a couple of things to make something resembling lasagna! (It's Molly's fault.)

Well, something resembling lasagna came out great, though I should have added some spicy sausage to it, to supplement the meat that was in the sauce I defrosted. The bowtie noodles worked great, and the ricotta and mozzarella melted properly. I may sautée some ground sausage (I think I have a little of Mo's left) to toss into the leftovers.

Not too busy a day, so I took advantage of the decent weather to walk down to Collegetown for lunch at [info]Pita Pit. I'm really enjoying their daily $3.99 special. Today's was falafel. The counter girl thoughtfully asked if I wanted the falafel microwaved instead of put on the grill where they also cook meat, but I thanked her and said I couldn't care less. It was good grilled.

Today's bumper stickerToday's bumper sticker, seen on the way back to work... "Ignore your rights and they'll go away."

This weekend will involve some more good food, mostly related to folks in town for a friend's wedding on Sunday. The weather will probably be spotty, thanks to Ernesto heading our way. Tomorrow night's fireworks shindig (hosted by work friends) has already been cancelled. Hope you all have a good weekend, and stay warm and dry!