September 13th, 2006


Gonna be on TV!

WVBR's Bound for Glory was featured in yesterday's New York Times (with some awesome photos on page B6 that don't appear in the online version), probably the single biggest audience Phil has ever had take note of his show. He is, to say the least, tickled. :-)

Today, Phil and I were both interviewed by a news crew from WENY, the Elmira ABC affiliate, for a short feature that will run during their 6am, 6pm, and 11pm casts on Friday. I've just sent off some supplemental material to the newscaster who interviewed us. Considering she goes to work at 3am to anchor the 6am newscast every day, she was improbably perky by the time she got to us at almost 11!

We're really pleased by the barrage of news coverage Bound for Glory has gotten, and I think it's helping keep Phil in a positive mood.
Green mail glitch

A problem on the server that hosts mail caused most incoming mail for (and related domains) mail recipients to bounce back to the sender tonight. If you've sent mail to me or anyone else with a address in the last few hours, please assume it didn't reach the intended recipient, and send it again. You should have received a bounce message, but since most people get loads of bogus bounces from viruses and forged spam and the like these days, you may not have noticed it.