September 14th, 2006



There's nothing like running into a happy, ambling golden retriever on the way to a meeting on campus to remind one that one needn't rush everywhere. I let myself be thirty seconds late.

On my way back off-campus to work, stopped at the Collegetown Bagels at East Hill Plaza to use their wireless for testing purposes (the test requires I not be on campus) and to get a cappuccino as a special treat. Today's New York Times article on artisanal coffee, which features the Brooklyn Gimme! Coffee store, put me in the mood. (Thanks to adelais for pointing it out!)

The test failed, but the wireless is working fine, so I'm sitting here relaxing for a little bit before heading back to work in time for my 3pm meeting. (It's one of those days with practically non-stop meetings; I skipped the optional 2pm one elsewhere on campus.) Ran into willdevine at CTB for lunch.

If there's a significant flavour or texture difference between cappuccino with skim, with 2%, and with whole milk, I can't tell. Might as well stick to skim.