September 17th, 2006


Heavy dose of WVBR

This weekend is the annual WVBR Symposium, which is bringing together lots of WVBR alumni, board members, and current staff members, plus a few invited local guests, such as my colleague Tracy Mitrano as an IT Policy expert, and a visiting faculty member in Communications. Friday night was a fun reception at the radio station under a big tent outside (I'm not sure punching holes in the parking lot for the tent pegs was a great idea) and all day yesterday was spent at the Hilton Garden Inn with presentations and panels.

I volunteered to bring my camcorder, and was able to tape quite a bit of the day. The monthly tapings of the ATA seminars make me confident that the audio won't be great, but it'll be usable. Better than nothing for those who couldn't attend.

Walking back from a nice dinner upstairs at the [info]Lost Dog Cafe, I suggested to Steve and Scott that we poke our noses into Club Euphoria, the latest incarnation of the Masonic Temple in downtown Ithaca. I knew "Crossing Borders" would be going on in there, even though there wasn't any sound escaping to the front of the building! We wandered in and got to chat with redfyre for a bit. Dave gave us a tour and introduced us to Matt, the building's new owner, who talked a bit about his plans for some of the as-yet-unrenovated space. I wish him luck!

A couple of '70s and '80s era former DJs took over the airwaves for a couple of hours between "Crossing Borders" and "Last Exit for the Lost," and seemed to have a blast. I helped some of the newer DJs get the hang of using the turntables, and even though I kept meaning to leave to head home and get some sleep, I ended up there until midnight, and got to see Carl when he and his crew arrived for the overnight metal show.

Thought about getting up early enough for today's breakfast and the session on competition in the market, but tomorrow will be an early morning, and I decided I needed the sleep. I guess I slept until about 9:30, which isn't bad.

Football this afternoon. Go Bills!