September 23rd, 2006

New Orleans

Guess I should get moving...

Happy new year, all! Off to Dobbs Ferry in a little while, so I should hop in the shower. First, though, an update.

Got the lawn mowed after a short day yesterday. Officially took the day off for the holiday, but went over to the Lab of Ornithology for a few hours to talk to the Apple guys who were there for a presentation. I'm hoping it's the last time I need to mow this season. Am I correct in recalling that the mower should be left with no gas in it for the winter? I ran it dry, though I do have some more gas that I can put in if it should have gas in the tank.

Also got my oil changed. Woo! They'd been out of the right filter for my car when I went down on Thursday, so they just rotated the tires then, and I went back yesterday after calling to make sure they had the filter in. Saw someone down there who looked really familiar, and I couldn't figure out why, though I don't think she recognized me. We chatted about Emeril's cooking on the TV in the waiting room as he stumbled around.

My evening plans evaporated without notice, but Lisa (no, not you, the other one) is in town for a couple of weeks, and finished up her work around 7 and was hungry. We headed down the hill to try one of the two new Mexican restaurants. No luck! Both were a zoo with long lines, and she wasn't in a waiting in line mood. I called [info]Maxie's Supper Club to see if they had a table, and they did, so we had an excellent Cajun-style meal there. Haven't had an oyster po'boy in a very long time! (You should find one in NOLA, Kat!) We then watched "Double Jeopardy," which was fun and suitably mindless. (And is partly set in New Orleans. Hm. I'm sensing a theme.)

Jealous of friends who'll be at the Superdome on Monday. Have a great time! I do need to get back down there, but it probably won't be a second time this year.