September 24th, 2006



I don't mind when people in front of me are driving the speed limit -- hey, that's the legal thing to do! But it drives me bonkers when people drive below the speed limit on a two-lane highway, especially when their speed keeps changing, making it hard to pass them. Route 79 on the way back into town this afternoon was full of people going almost, but not quite, the speed limit, along with several folks who weren't coming anywhere near it.

On a bigger highway, it's much less of an issue, except for the idiots who illegally cling to the left lane as though it were their sister's virtue. I've got news for you, pal! You're required by law to keep right except to pass, and your sister's not as virtuous as you think.

Good bison burger at the Roscoe Diner, where I spotted a cool 1968 photo of the original diner building, little more than a shack or a couple of trailers tacked together... plus an "Esso" sign from the gas station across the street. I was amused to note the pay phones in the entryway have an "out of order" sign on them. This would seem like much less of a problem if there were any cell reception there, but strangely, there's none! The cell providers have all put massive towers up all along Route 17, but the village of Roscoe, and in particular the diner, where I have to imagine a huge share of upstate-driving city folk stop for lunch, is in a dead valley.

And I stopped at the Valley View farmstand again to grab some more apples and some fresh cider.
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