November 3rd, 2006


New spam issue

Lovely. You know those header lines added to some mailing list messages with convenient user-specific unsubscribe mailto links? So if you get a message from a mailing list and you'd like to unsubscribe, there's a link you can click on, right in that message?

Those addresses are starting to land in spam recipient lists. Botnets are starting to send thousands of messages to those addresses that are never seen by a human, but have to be dealt with by a machine. But then the mailing list server will send thousands of acknowledgments or error messages to the unwitting subscriber.

Patch your Windows machines, people. Use firewalls. Don't let them be taken over and used without your permission. And when you're not using them, hibernate or shut them down, to limit their exposure and limit the amount of time they might be misbehaving if infected.
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Microsoft Word just unexpectedly quit. I guess on the positive side, that gives me a moment to remember to blink while I relaunch it and see how much of what I've been working on for the last hour is still there.

All of it. Woo! Here's to saving frequently.

Today hasn't been bad, just non-stop busy, with the exception of a midday interlude to have lunch with my friend Joel. He's a fraternity brother, but far enough removed from my era that I only vaguely knew him, but he also used to work for CIT, so I got to know him better. I mostly see him in random places like Pixel, and when we chatted there on Tuesday night, we came up with the tentative lunch plans.

My salty fish over chicken fried rice was great -- Hai Hong does the "usual" Chinese food, but also enough of their own specialties that you don't normally think of if you're used to the pedestrian sorts of eateries. They look at me funny when I order something their caucasian customers generally don't. I get over it. :-)

Couple more blinks, and now back to Word to finish this report. Thanks to those of you who've been providing a little IM distraction so I don't go nuts.