November 6th, 2006


Will on Cheney

One of the reasons I love George F. Will is that he never hesitates to skewer those you'd think he would support. In other words, he sees through the thin veneer of so-called conservatism of the current administration, the same veneer that makes me say I'm a libertarian democrat instead of a conservative democrat. (Libertarian is nowhere near liberal, despite the same first few letters, for those who want to keep score at home.)

Will's "Last Word" column in last week's Newsweek takes Cheney and the administration to task for their stubborn, revisionist, dishonest position on war in Iraq.

Thanks to kinnerc for the link to the Tompkins County Board of Elections sample ballots. These ballots, divided by town, will let local folks know who their election choices will be tomorrow. Please remember to vote!

I'm strongly supporting Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo for Governor and Attorney General, respectively, because I believe very strongly in both of them. I'm voting for Alan Hevesi for Comptroller and Hillary Clinton for Senator because I believe they're the best choice in their races, even if I don't think they're perfect. I'd be voting for Maurice Hinchey for Congress and George Winner for State Senate even if they weren't running unopposed. I'm voting for Barbara Lifton for Assembly because I think she's the much, much better choice despite her inadequate stance on gay marriage. And I'm voting for Peter Meskill for Sheriff because I think he's done a stellar job with limited resources over the last eight years, and should keep at it.

You don't have to agree with me! But please get out and vote.

IT Architecture Forum - Virtualization & Intel Macs

Tuesday, 7 November, 2:30pm
G01 Biotechnology Building
Racker Seminar Room

Virtualization means one computer can have multiple personalities, allowing you to run more than one operating system, sometimes simultaneously, or more than one "sandbox" running the same operating system, as with the VM operating systems of our IBM mainframes. Virtual PC and VMWare paved the way on the desktop.

The Macintosh virtualization picture has gotten much more interesting with the arrival of Intel-based Macs. Now, such tools as WINE, Apple's Boot Camp, and Parallels Workstation let you run what you want, when you want. ATA's Mark Anbinder will show different ways of running Mac OS and Windows (or even Linux) simultaneously on Intel-based Mac hardware, and even when you do and don't need Windows. We'll also talk about how server virtualization can help keep your sandboxes separate.

Refreshments will be served! Join us tomorrow for another in ATA's series of free IT Architecture Forum sessions. For archived video, audio, and presentation files from past seminars, visit the ATA web site.


Wow, I wonder how much a political ad costs at the top of the hour, at the beginning of a major network affiliate's newscast. No, not in the first commercial break. The first thirty seconds of the 11:00 hour, on WNBC, in the New York metropolitan area. Menendez for Senate bought it to show their candidate talking with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Meantime, I'm really amused by the series of alternate-ending Sony Bravia HDTV commercials that landed on my TiVo overnight. Looks like you can see them at