December 14th, 2006

Steak Dinner Willow

Great dinner!

Leftovers are rarely all that thrilling, but I was really happy with mine tonight! I had a big bowl of salad with corn bread croutons, while heating up the leftovers from my "fork-and-knife steak sandwich" from [info]Ithaca Ale House on Tuesday night.

Fork and Knife Steak SandwichI nuked the chunk of strip steak, and put the remaining garlic bread and onion rings in the toaster oven. The result was a hot, but slightly too done steak. Ah well. Still tender. All in all, very tasty.

This morning's news shift went well. But getting up a couple of hours early means I probably won't be up too late tonight! I'm going to be doing quite a few mornings over the winter break, while most of the regular crew is out of town. I brought one of my tins of Tim Horton's coffee to the station to share with Jeff and Max. It went over well.

Too much of the rest of the day, after a flurry of morning meetings, was spent dealing with my upcoming office move. Since Steve needs my current space next week (someone new needs his office), everyone is scrambling to try to make the move happen. I've got lots of stuff to get rid of. Want some?