December 19th, 2006


Still have a few gifts to pick out?

You're making your list and checking it twice, but you're still not done with your holiday shopping, and those argyle socks didn't go over so well last year. I'm here to help. I'm Mark Anbinder with the 14850 Dining Report, and I know you'll be shocked when I tell you that food makes a great gift any time of year. No, put down the fruitcake. Put it down. OK.

( Holiday gift ideas for Ithaca foodies... )

(Many of these ideas apply even if you're not in or near Ithaca!)

Vintage radio ad...

Hearing the 19-year-old Ithaca Guitar Works ad on WVBR just now (Phil pulled it off the archive reels to run again) reminded me that when beeeej and Eddie were in town, we grabbed this gem from the archives.

It's from September 1998, when Billy Bob Jack's Outhouse, their second smaller restaurant in Collegetown, had an all-you-can-eat steak deal on Wednesdays for a while. Jeff and I recorded it together, and while I don't know how well it worked for Billy, we heard from lots of people that they'd heard it on the radio and were amused.