Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

$3.99 Tuesday

$3.99 isn't as good a deal as $2.99 was, back in the old days, but it's still a decent price for a Subway sub. I got there a couple minutes before 12, before the lunch rush, thanks for a desire to get out of my office, which seemed to have car exhaust fumes sneaking in. (I don't think it was my imagination; Todd smelled them, too.)

The roast beef sub was just what I needed, after a conversation with Joy last night about roasts, roast beef sandwiches, and other foodstuffs. I sat in the basement at WVBR for a while to eat and poke through the AP wire stories. I hope Carolyn had nothing to do with the blackout at SUNY Plattsburgh. She must've had a tough final scheduled or something. :-)

Using the third hole in the belt instead of the second most days. I must be getting thinner! Or I'm getting better at deluding myself.

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