March 21st, 2007



A brilliant blue sunny afternoon has given way to a frigid night. Clear nights tend to be the cool ones, eh? That's OK. It may be 8 degrees outside, but I'm curled up under a blanket on the couch and thinking about transferring up to bed.

Tonight's "NCIS" went by in a blur; I guess I wasn't really getting into it. But "Boston Legal" was pretty gripping, and guest-starred Megan Mullally (of "Will & Grace" fame) as a murder suspect who used to work with Alan Shore. One of the best episodes in a while, without too much of the unabashed absurdity that's a trademark of David E. Kelley's work and really derailed much of "Ally McBeal" for viewers who didn't want to suspend disbelief.

Instead of discovering that I've stayed up past 1 again in an hour or so, I think I'm going to put down the laptop now, and head to bed. Good night!
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At IC tomorrow... come say hi! (203.4)

I'll be up at Ithaca College for their annual Educational Technology Day tomorrow, broadcasting live on WVBR and on hand from 9am-noon. There are lots of good vendor showcases, faculty and student presentations, seminars, and more, and it's all free. If you use technology (computers, cell phones, Internet services, projectors, etc.) whether it's educational in nature or not, you'll probably find something fun or valuable here. Come say hi in the morning, or just stop by to check it out during the day!