May 7th, 2007



A couple of weeks ago, the new Rite-Aid had their freezers fail and they lost a lot of ice cream, frozen dinners, etc. This morning, the freezers seem fine, but the refrigerators are down to 15 degrees, and the milk is all frozen. Oopsie.

But, sunglasses are buy-one-get-one-free, just in time for the summer season! I grabbed a couple pair of one of the styles I like. And, the Betty Crocker Bowl Appetits are 99 cents instead of $1.79. Good office lunches!

And in other news, our building elevator is down for "preventive maintenance." I discovered this while Mo was heading towards it with an armload of eggs! Poor Mo. I don't use the elevator much; I'm more likely to walk down two flights of stairs and up one to get to the first floor. (You can't get from the second floor to the first floor otherwise, without going outside.) But I do know people who depend on that elevator. Maybe this'll be good for them...


You know how smells are often strong triggers of old memories? What would pencil-shaving smells trigger for you? I just walked out the front door of my building (to go upstairs, of course) and was hit with a clear smell of freshly sharpened pencil. No idea where it came from. There were no pencils or sharpeners in sight.

Uncle Orson on gun control and prior restraint

Orson Scott Card has a very lucid and balanced analysis of the chatter that followed the Virginia Tech incident in his weekly column from last week. (His columns appear online a week after they're printed in the local paper.)

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Ironic that fabunobo and I were just talking about him shortly before the new column showed up via syndication in hatrack. Card's opinions and mine sometimes diverge, but I think there's a lot of true conservative in these words, as opposed to the "neo-conservative" that's appeared on the scene in recent years. This is not so far from the kind of conservative I'd call myself if the term hadn't been sadly misused to mean something else lately. For now, "Libertarian" does the trick.