June 4th, 2007

Nikon Me

First couple of photo albums...

Flickr really doesn't lend itself to sharing vast numbers of photos, so I'm going to use my old approach for posting photos to put up nearly all of the many hundreds of pictures I took the last two weeks.

Here are the first couple of albums, including some travel pics in the first, and our afternoon visiting the Eiffel Tower in the second.


Nikon Me

A couple more albums...

Tuesday night's walk through the Jardins Luxembourg, including the aforementioned marriage proposal, our first dinner in France at the Bastide Odeon, and a fantastic Wednesday at the Louvre.



Unfortunately, photography isn't allowed in the painting exhibits at the Louvre, so we couldn't take pictures of the Mona Lisa. La Gioconda was well worth the short wait to visit. She's smaller than you'd imagine, but definitely gripping.