June 11th, 2007


The creative pitch gets me.

"Bill Gates is a thieving asshole," said the panhandler, holding up his cup, as a group of WWDC attendees walked by on the way to the conference hall. He got a few laughs, but no money. "If I said it in Objective C, would I get some change?" I turned around and handed him a buck.

Safari for Windows

I've been saying for ages that Apple could and should develop Safari, its fast and feature-full web browser, for Windows. Now they've done it! There's a public beta of Safari 3 for Windows XP or Vista, as well as for Mac OS X, downloadable now.


The market share of Internet Explorer is way down, sapped mostly by people downloading the much better and more secure Firefox, but I can certainly see Apple grabbing a chunk of browser share (beyond the 5% simply from Mac Safari users) with this. Among other things, it's way faster than IE, and also faster than Firefox.

If you're a Windows user who doesn't need to use IE for compatibility with crufty web applications that don't work properly with standards, this is probably worth downloading and trying.