June 25th, 2007



Puppy!I got to play with Sally's dog for a bit at lunchtime when I went over to the Queen of Tarts for some soup, and then I got a call late afternoon from Leslie, saying she and the puppies were across the street and I should come meet them. They're seven-week-old shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs). All Mondays should feature puppies. I hope to have another chance soon to take pictures of them (and perhaps the rest of the litter) with a better camera!

Huh. Apparently, I'm within a hair's breadth of reaching 50,000 views on my Flickr photostream, in slightly over two years since I uploaded my first photo in May, 2005. Thanks for having looked at my photos. :-) Some of them only get looked at a couple dozen times, and lots get viewed several hundred times, but I have four of them each with over 10,000 views accounting for the lion's share of it. (All of the top 20 are over 1,000 views each.)