July 10th, 2007


Ice cream man, redux

Dunno why I forgot to add in the post about the ice cream man yesterday that he and I recognized each other, but we never figured out why. A moment after realizing I knew him from somewhere, I asked, "Is your name Ken?" This took him by surprise. His ice cream truck was a refitted Gadabout van. I suppose I should've taken a picture of him to ask all of you who on earth he is. :-) Sixty-something man named Ken, hangs around Cortland, used to hang around Ithaca. Ringing any bells?

It's not that hard...

If someone is going to the trouble of tracking down my mailing address, chances are they have a piece of paper with my actual name on it, right in front of them. How can they then manage to write "Mark Armbinder" on the envelope? Best of all, that first "r" in "Armbinder" was written in over another "m."

How to bypass AT&T's credit check for an iPhone

If you want to activate an iPhone without giving AT&T your real Social Security Number to perform a credit check, just enter "999-99-9999" into the SSN fields when you are activating it in iTunes. This kicks you to the same process used for people whose real SSN results in a failed credit check... instead of signing you up for a two-year plan, you have to sign up for the month-to-month GoPhone prepaid plan. This may end up being more expensive than the monthly cost of the regular contract plan, but there's no two-year commitment and no credit check.

They may fix this hole if they haven't already, though there may really not be any way for them to do so, since our nine-digit SSN system doesn't allow for computerized "is this a valid number?" decisions. If the above number stops working (presumably they could just check for that number) you ought to be able to enter another bogus SSN.