August 5th, 2007


Speaking of campus tours...

I heard this morning from my parents about a major fire this weekend, believed to have been started by lightning, that gutted one of the early buildings at the Hackley School, where I went for seventh and eighth grade as a private-school experiment before going back to public school. That was a long time ago, but I do have memories of the school -- but I find that most of my visual memories are of building interiors rather than exteriors (which is very odd for me), and of hillsides and paths (not so odd). I had to do some web searching to find any photos of Goodhue Memorial Hall so I could figure out what the building was. I found some pictures, but really don't recognize it. I guess this building, which contained the school's main library, just wasn't used that heavily by middle schoolers.

I've been in touch off and on with one or two classmates from back then. A couple of them even ended up at Cornell with me. I should track them down again. And I should probably make a point of visiting Hackley on one of my future visits to Westchester. I think about it once in a while, but haven't done it in years and years.

My thoughts are pretty generic "that's a shame" right now, rather than any significant feeling for "my" school. I'm sure if I'd graduated from high school there, I'd care about it more. Apparently, the facade is still standing, and they plan to remodel the building, and classes will start as scheduled in September.