August 13th, 2007


Dinner in Leadville

More later, but I wanted to comment that child_of_oz would have been amused that at the restaurant we ate at last night, you just order... dinner. On Sundays and one other night, dinner at Quincy's is a 6-ounce filet mignon, served with salad, baked potato, vegetable, and bread, for $7.95. We figured that out as we were greeted by the hostess, who wanted to make sure that menu was OK with us. You bet! Sure does explain why there was a crowd waiting outside when they opened at 5.

Dan and Will and I will be on our way to the airport in a little while. Wish us luck.


My suitcase was two pounds over the fifty-pound limit when we checked in. She asked if I wanted to pay $50 or take two pounds out. So I carefully unzipped the bag a bit (it's really overstuffed) and removed a pair of pants, and an umbrella. Now 50 pounds on the nose. And the security folks didn't bat an eye at the folded pair of pants in the plastic bin with my other stuff. :-)

Sounds like our DEN-PHL plane is about to arrive for us to board, so I'm going to sign off shortly. If all goes well, we'll be back late tonight!


We made it to Philadelphia on time. The several very small children on the plane here were mostly well-behaved!

Speaking of small children, the six-year-old in front of us at the security line in Denver asked why everyone has to remove their shoes. His father said it was to keep everyone safe, and the boy still looked curious, so I added, "It's to make sure your feet aren't stinky." That, he bought. It was a ridiculously long line, but it moved quickly. In addition to wending around the usual rope maze, it snaked out and past the baggage claim, a quarter of the way around the terminal building.

I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get to see "Spider-Man 3" on the way out (though I doubt it would have been very complete) but I enjoyed "Shrek the Third" on today's flight. Very cute. I followed it up by listening to the "Shrek" soundtrack on my iPod while reading "Outlander." It had been recommended to me last summer, and I bought several of the books, but I never managed to get into it. Fun stuff, set in Scotland.


Other than a minor piece of communication gear being down on the second plane, so the pilot had to write down the weight and balance info and have the flight attendant hand it out the door to someone on the ground rather than having it transmitted automatically, our trip home from Denver was all uneventful, and all on time!

I dropped off Will and Dan at their respective homes, and I'm now relaxing in the living room armchair after checking on Sully, who seems not to have missed me at all. Letting some fresh air in. It's so deliciously cool outside!