August 17th, 2007



There's quite a storm coming through, I guess. It hasn't started raining yet, but it got dark very fast and there's very heavy wind. Lots of trees bending over and things flying around.

My power has flickered a couple of times, and my UPSes (uninterruptible power supplies) have been beeping. Hope the power doesn't go out!

Certainly a fun welcome for the freshmen and their parents. Bet a bunch of them were dining outdoors. Oops!


You probably already know that there is no love lost between me and the stupid yippy dog next door, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't appalled to discover that the noisy little rodent appears to have been left tied outside on their deck and is trapped out there in this storm.

He's sheltered from the wind, and is probably just annoyed and wet, but if the storm starts to look more serious, I may go rescue him.