August 25th, 2007


Free TiVo

Today's Woot is an 80-hour Series2 TiVo for $129.99 that's eligible for a $170 rebate. If you buy it (who knows how much longer their supply will last today) it's like getting a free TiVo and a couple of months of free service.

Note that this is one of the single-tuner models; it can only record one show at a time. Works with antenna, cable, or satellite service. If you've been considering getting one, this is a good opportunity! And, naturally, I'm happy to accept TiVo Rewards referrals from anyone who activates a new TiVo. :-) My referral e-mail address is my three initials (first three letters of my username) at

Hot 'n Yucky

Very hot and humid today, so I'll bring along lots of water for my stint at the Queen of Tarts. At least we won't be standing around inside the un-air-conditioned cafe, but out on the patio. Unless it gets stormy. :-)

Come by (4-7) and say hi and get some free ice cream!