September 14th, 2007


Not a bad drive

excaliburca and I got up and got moving this morning, and had a late-morning breakfast (early lunch) at Cracker Barrel en route to Maryland. Nice uneventful drive, though not surprisingly, the Baltimore beltway was slow-moving when we arrived late afternoon. Easy enough to find the hotel.

The room's decent and attractively decorated in deep reds, golds, and pale green, and when I reported to the front desk that the bathroom sink drain was broken, they had someone up here to fix it very promptly.

I've dealt with a little of the obligatory politics that was going to come up at some point whether I liked it or not, chatted with a few people, and munched on the free hors d'oeuvres that were provided. Saved us the trouble of deciding between the hotel restaurant or a jaunt to Ruby Tuesday's, though the latter is tempting for lunch.

A smallish crowd (they're anticipating less than half of the crowd we got up to Ithaca in '99) but at least a few people worth seeing. :-)